Mechanics in the Age of Artistic Reproduction

by The Hathaway Family Plot

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The Hathaway Family Plot's seventh album is a collection of songs written in the first 2/3s of 2016. They seem to have recurring themes of truth, reality, authenticity, belonging, etc.


released January 12, 2017

Several samples used in this album were pulled from users, including koostix (Dymaxion), dnewtonjr (She sounded like birds), frozenmonotone (Big Machine), bigjoedrummer (Starving Artist Sale!), erdie_deutz (Starting up, letting go), inchadney (Starting up, letting go), qlevihirs (Not gonna leave), and phoenixdk (Prelude to a rational discussion & The Locks).

Otherwise, all pianos, keyboards, vocals, drums, electronics, kazoos, piano horns, psalteries, toy pianos, tin whistles, toy accordions, snake charmers, etc. performed by Kevin. Mostly recorded in amateur fashion at home or on location in a practice room. All songs written by The Hathaway Family Plot except "Delinquent Words," (Jandek), recorded under written permission from Corwood Industries. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA




The Hathaway Family Plot Buffalo, New York

The Hathaway Family Plot is a musician living in Buffalo, New York, whose mission is to make music with whatever is at hand. This is not "important" music, nor is it particularly functional. It is simply honest and urgently felt.

All music is under an "Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike" Creative Commons License.

If you have questions about potential use, please contact the artist.
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Track Name: Dymaxion
Let's cut it up

'cause your map is full of lies
and I can show you what is real
and what is real is what is true
If we just take this one piece at a time
and one piece at a time

They only show you what they think is important,
They don't care about truth

There is no distance,
There is no North
We're floating in chaos
from nothing to nothing

I want to show you the truth,
piece by piece
Track Name: She sounded like birds
She wore a brace on her leg,
probably not from surgery,
because the brace was very old--
metal with interlocking parts,
like I imagine polio victims wore.

It squeaked,

and when she moved
she sounded like birds.
Track Name: Big Machine
This big machine,
it takes my trash,
it takes my bottles too!

This big machine,
it paints the lines
to keep me in my lane!

This big machine,
it builds the bridge
across the big river!

This big machine,
it takes my shit
so far from where I live!

This big machine!

This big machine,
it prints the cash
I use to buy my drugs!

This big machine,
it brings water
and maybe with it lead!

This big machine,
it takes pictures
but mostly not of me!

This big machine,
it brings me light,
I will not be afraid!

I love this big machine!

(NB, there is nobody shouting "I hate this big machine.")
Track Name: Forgery of a Forgery
We're living in a fake de Hory
This is not you, this is not me,
those are not real happy trees.
But the brushstrokes are real,
and I can tell you it's a fake
but I can't tell you how to feel

It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery
It's a cracked mirror
reflecting a cracked mirror
to see a new way.
It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery

I'll let you write my life story, Elmyr--
paint me how you will.
Try to show the real fear,
try to show the empathy
so I can see through others' eyes
a legacy of fakery

It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery.
It's an artificial flavor of an artificial flavor
but the taste still exists.
It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery.

And now I see the shadows on the wall,
and you tell me that's the truth,
and haven't I been called
to see the real thing?
What casts the shadow?
And who is pulling the strings?

It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery.
It's a lie about a lie about a lie,
but it sure sounds sweet.
It's a forgery of (a forgery of) a forgery.
Track Name: Not Gonna Leave
I think this city wants to kill me,
I see the people rising up.
Gathering spirits coming closer,
I see the murder in their eyes.

I see the buildings growing taller,
I taste the air, it's getting thick.
Chemicals vomit from the smokestacks,
Benzene is churning in my lungs.

I think this city wants to kill me,
inside my car I'm full of rage.
I feel the pressure in my shoulders,
I feel the vortex in my head.

I think there's poison in the water,
deadly spores flying in the air.
I think this city wants to kill me,
I think my house desires it, too.

I don't care what happens next,
you can't make me leave.
Track Name: The Locks
That dog won't ever stop
barking at the world.
It's what I don't know
(and what I don't know I don't know).
I kid but I understand,
How long can this figure repeat?
How long, how long, how long?

Please don't ever change...

Midafternoon in summer
and I don't want to be in the house.
Still I lurk in the shadows,
stay out of the light.
This is difficult for me,
like it's difficult for you

Please don't ever change the locks.

It's that hour of sunlight
that doesn't belong to me.

Please don't ever change the locks.